Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences

The Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Concentration combines chemistry, biology, and ecology to understand how aquatic ecosystems function and how fisheries can be managed or grown to meet the global appetite for fish and shellfish consumption. Students may pursue a master’s or doctoral degree conducting research in this concentration.

Required Coursework

  • AEC502, Introduction to Biology Research (Fall)
  • PHI816, Research Ethics (or equivalent)

Quantitative Requirement

M.S. and Ph.D. students choose one of the following:

  • ST511 or ST512 Experimental Statistics in Biological Sciences I & II (Fall&Spring; staff)
  • Bioinformatics course, such as BIT815, or others (with permission from Advisory Committee)
  • AEC510, Machine Learning Approaches in Biology (Fall odd years; Reading)
  • ST505, Applied Nonparametric Statistics (Spring; Lu)
  • BMA567, Modeling Biological Systems (Alternate years; Gross)

Concentration Chair

Dr. Brad Taylor

Restricted Electives

Choose a minimum of one course for M.S., two for Ph.D.:

  • AEC/ENT509, Ecology and Conservation of Freshwater Invertebrates (Spring odd years; Taylor)
  • AEC515, Fish Physiology (Fall even years; Reading)
  • AEC519, Freshwater Ecology (Spring even years; Taylor)
  • AEC624, Marine Fisheries Ecology (Fall, Buckel)
  • AEC592, Management of Small Impoundments (Fall even years; Kwak)
  • AEC592, Aquatic Plant Ecology (Fall; Burkholder)
  • AEC592, Advanced Biology of Fishes (Fall; Reading)
  • AEC624, Marine Fisheries Ecology (Fall, Buckel)¬†
  • AEC710, Sampling Animal Populations (Spring; Collazo)
  • AEC726, Quantitative Fisheries Management (Fall even years; Fischer)
  • BMA772, Stochastic Processes in Biology (Spring; Gross)
  • FW511, Human Dimensions of Wildlife (Spring odd years; Peterson)
  • MEA549, Principles of Biological Oceanography (Fall; Eggleston)
  • NR595, Natural Resource Policy and Management (Fall; Hess)
  • TOX715, Environmental Toxicology (Fall; Buckwalter)
  • ZO524, Comparative Endocrinology (Spring; Borski)


Advising Faculty:

Name Email Website
Areas of Expertise
Aday, Derek
Fisheries science
Bogan, Arthur
Freshwater mollusks, Systematics
Boreman, John NA
Maine fisheries, Stock assessment, Fisheries management
Borski, Russell
Fish endocrinology and physiology
Buckel, Jeffrey
Marine and estuarine fisheries science
Cao, Jie
Marine conservation, Fisheries stock assessment & management, Climate change
Cope, Gregory
Ecotoxicology, Water quality, Mollusk conservation, Invasive species
Daniels, Harry
Aquaculture of freshwater and marine fish and shrimp
Eggleston, David
Marine ecology and conservation
Fischer, Jesse Fish ecology
Heise, Ryan Fish ecology
Hightower, Joseph
Fisheries science, Population modeling
Hinshaw, Jeffrey
Coldwater aquaculture, Fish health management, Water quality
Hopkins, Skylar Disease ecology
Kwak, Thomas
Fish and river ecology and management, Conservation ecology, Production biology
Lynch, Abigail Fish biology
Morris, James
Aquaculture, Aquatic sciences
Ramirez, Alonso
Tropical stream ecology, Urban ecology, Community ecology
Reading, Benjamin
Aquaculture, physiology, machine learning, genomics, fishes
Shertzer, Kyle NA
Stock assessment, Population ecology, Fishery management
Taylor, Bradley
Freshwater ecosystems, Community and ecosystem ecology